Schwimmer, Ringler, Forkas, Salzberger, Labin & Stern family in Munkacz (Mukachevo) #general

Moishe Miller


Going through various vital records >from Munkacz (Mukachevo), I find
that my g-g-gf, Israel Schwimmer (1843 - 1912), was married 3 times.

His first wife was Scheindel Forkas, who passed away before 1872, and
they had these known children
Izsak Aron (1860)
Schoel (1864)
Szime Leie (1865)
Mayer (1867)
Mali (1871)

Scheindel passed away and he remarried in Munkacz to his second wife, a
widow (my g-g-gm), named Toni (Taube Etel) Salzberger, on 12 Oct 1872.
Her children, together with Israel Schwimmer, were
Faiga Grosz (1873-1944)
Joseph (1875-1944)
Lazar (1876-?)
Cirel Yurowitz - my g-gm (1879-1933)
Liebe (1880-1881)

Toni (Taube Etel) Salzberger's first husband (before her marriage to
Israel Schwimmer), was to Mozes Aron Ringler, who passed away before
1872, and they had these children:
Debore Malke (Dori) Labin (1864)
Chaim Hers (1866)
Avrohom Simcha ?

Israel Schwimmer's third wife, as per his 1912 death record, was Rele

Does anybody have ancestry, or know of family, for any of these lines?

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

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