Re: Migrating from Portugal to Belarus #general

Judite Orensztajn

This is about Dona Gracia Nassi's family, isn't it? I remember that once I
searched (for curiosity) her tree in Geni and found out that one of her
great daughters married to an Ashkenazi Jew.
If you don't know her story, I recommend you to read about. It is simply
Best wihes,
Judite Orensztajn, Jerusalem

David E Goldman <> wrote:
I was looking at something very interesting on Geniregarding the "trail" of
migration of the famous Charlap rabbinical family of Jerusalem. This may relate to
part of my ancestry as well, who originated near Grodno in Dabrowa Byalistocka. In
reconstructing the history of this family line it is instructive what it involved
in terms of distance and of moving >from a purely Sephardic existence to a purely
Ashkenazi one...

I realize this scenario is not necessarily demonstrative of what happened to
my own family >from Dabrowa, however it definitely sheds light onto the whole
issue of migration of perhaps many Jews, and could be a scenario for my own
and others' Belarus ancestors (rather than as Ashkenazi Jews >from Germany).
Looking at the map, just the distance >from Salonika to Tykocin through the
Balkans, Hungary, Austria, Germany across all of Poland is a huge distance
of about 2000 miles. One of the Charlap-Ibn Yahya ancestors was born in
Salonika and then died in Tykocin!

Can any erudite Jewishgenners shed some light on this type of story? What
would have prompted a family to have moved in one lifetime a distance of
2000 miles over land northward in the late 1500s >from the comfort of the
port of Ottoman Salonika to the cold areas of what was then the Christian
Polish-Lithuanian empire?

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