(Poland) Polish Website Highlights Selection of Synagogues That Can Be Visited #general

Jan Meisels Allen

The website culture.pl has photographs of Poland's synagogues that survived
World War ll some continue to operate today, while others serve as museums
of the history and culture of Polish Jews. There is also a gallery of
photographs of former synagogues that today function as other buildings. To
view the photographs go to:

On the side of the photographs are links to other interesting sites ---just
click on the titles:
We're Here: Polish Jews Today; Polish Cities Where Jewish Culture Lives On;
YIVO presents Digital Archive on Jewish Life in Poland; Prewar Jewish Life:
The Secret Life of Menachem Kipnis; Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow and
Tel Aviv; An Alternative History of Literature >from Poland; Heaven's Gate:
Wooden Synagogues in the Territories of the Former Polish-Lithuanian
Commonwealth; The Lost World of Yiddish Films in Poland; Remembering the
Artists of the Warsaw Ghetto; Painting and Sculpture by Polish Jews in the
19th and 20th centuries; The Most Unusual Jewish Publication of Interwar Poland.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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