Searching for Israeli relatives #general

Terry Lasky

I am trying to locate some Israeli relatives. I am **not** looking for
telephone numbers or addresses. I am trying to locate someone from
each of these families that has an email address and reads/writes
English. If anyone knows someone >from these families please contact
me privately or give them my email address ( ).

Menashe Shoham Berlanchik:. Menashe was born about 1926 and passed
away in December 2011. I believe he may have lived in Tel Aviv. I am
looking for a descendant or relative of Menashe.

Shmul Berlanchik: Shmul was born in 1914 and went to Palestine in
1948. I am looking for any descendant or relative of Shmul.

Lyudmila Polatnik Lyudmila was born as a Berlantchik in 1937. She
married a Mr. Polatnik at some point in time. I do not know if she is
still living or not. Looking for any relative.

Terry Lasky
Ruidoso, New Mexico, USA

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