PINKOFSKY of Boston #general

Marsha Paiste

Someone asked if anyone is researching the Pinkosky family. I am not doing
serious research into the whole family, but I am interested in learning more
about Jacob Meyer Pinkosky. He was a widower who lived alone when he married
my ggm. She and her two daughters had been abandoned by her husband in the

According to family lore, my ggm, Rebecca Cohen Wagenheim, was shocked to
discover that he had four sons in an orphanage who expected to live with
their father following his marriage. The sons are Joseph William (1903-1938),
John Francis (1904-1982), Meyer Jacob (1907-1927), and Harry George (1908-)
I find it interesting that Jacob Meyer Pinkofsky's first wife was an Irish
woman and is buried in a Catholic cemetery. How often were there mixed
marriages early in the twentieth century?

Marsha Starr Paiste

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