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You will find a wealth of related information about this at
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I was actually already "on the case", so back to the original posting by
Peter Bakos:

The specifics are that a Franz Hans Podwinetz is shown on his police
residential record as having gone to England in May 1938. There is no
further mention of him.
Unfortunately I could find no reference to a Franz Hans PODWINETZ in any
material I have or at the National Archive / Public Record Office (BCRC/CRTF
files; Tribunals for Aliens/Internment; Post-war naturalisations). In fact
the only mention of the name PODWINETZ at all came >from the section on
Aliens left at liberty in the UK after review:

PRO reference: HO 396/68 (869+870)
Born: 6th May 1899. Vienna.
Nationality: German formerly Austrian
Police Regn.Cert.No.: 727746
Home Office reference: P.9688
Address: Arden Close, Gilberts Green, Tamworth-in-Arden.
Normal occupation: ----
Present occupation: ----
Exempt >from internment. 13th November 1939.

Richard Gaskell
London, UK.

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