Yemenite Ancestors in the 1800s: North Yemen to Italy #general

שביט מלאכי <lila.sayeeda@...>

I'm in need of some help tracking down information on my Yemenite
ancestors. I have ancestors >from Bnei Chorath (Banu al Harith) tribe
in the northern region of Yemen. Some surnames in our family include:
NAJJAR, JAMEEL, and YITZHARI (originally Najjar). Through numerous DNA
platforms, I'm reconnecting with family separated over time (for
various reasons, over more than one event). Together, this particular
group of cousins and I have worked toward a specific time period and
location where we all had our last common Jewish ancestors in Yemen
(this is a multinational family project). We want to find information
on our shared ancestors who were in north Yemen in the 1800s.

So far what I found is that there were Italians in Yemen in that time
frame (colonies, businesses, etc). I read that wherever Italians had
businesses, they employed Yemenis (even in Africa). I found out that
Yemeni people even served in the Italian army. I know that, wherever
there were British or French colonies, the people living in the
colonized nations would sometimes travel to the land of the
colonizers. I know this happened with my Yemenite ancestors in the
1800s, but I don't know where to begin to obtain any potential
documents on their travel/employment.

I've searched history books and genealogy sites, but I'm at a dead-end.
This topic seems rare, and even more scarce is information on Yemenite
Jews traveling to Italy in the 1800s. I figure that I can help our
family project if I can find information in Italy, as documents seem
more plausible to find in Italy today. I know documents are precious.

Does anyone know how to obtain travel and employment documents for
Yemenite people working for Italians or traveling to Italy in the 1800s?
Any information would be very much appreciated!

Sayeeda Malachi
California, USA

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