Sheldon Dan

I am trying to research a possible branch of my family originating with a sister
of my great-great-grandfather David Elimelech (David King) DAN.

The key person in this search is a Chaya Dvora (Dorothy) KUPERMAN, born in 1867
in Sakiai, Lithuania, who was the last wife of Dov Behr ROLNICK, born in 1840
in Upynas, Lithuania, where David King lived. They had four children, Leie
(Lena) GARDNER (1888-1968), Hyman (1893-1925), Vuelvel (William) (1895-1981),
and Abel Judah (1899-1932). The Gardners lived in Benton Harbor, MI, at the
same time as David King's son, Solomon DEN, and were also farmers in the region.

I think that my great-great-great-aunt married a man named KUPERMAN. They may
have lived in Sakiai. I think their son was Pinchas KUPERMAN, born in 1839,
who married Beile KLISHOVSKI, also born in 1839. In addition to Dvora, they
may have had a son, Ayzik Leizer KUPERMAN, born in 1879 in Sakiai. Ayzik's
wife was Dvora MASKOVSKI, born in 1884 in Wladislawow (now Kurdikos Naumiestis,
Lithuania). Ayzik's family died in the Shoah; his son Motelis (Mordechai)
survived, but recorded his own family and his parents as murdered in the Yad
Vashem database.

I would like to learn more about both the descendants of Dvora and her

My father's cousin, Walter Cohen, had discovered this branch during his
genealogy project, and I would like to see if there are more names that I can
add to this branch of the family. Please contact me privately if you have any

Sheldon Dan

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