Re: Name Malka #general

David Lewin

The word Malka means Queen. It is very commonly used to describe the
day of rest in our calendar.

Why would not both Ashkenazim and Sephardim use it as a name for a
girl? Neither grouping can claim prior ownership of the word.

David Lewin

At 23:24 25/06/2019, David E Goldman wrote:
Hi Jewishgenners. Among Ashkenazim there is a common female first name of
Malka. It often goes with a nickname among Russian Jews of Manya.
Is it possible that the tradition of that name might go back to a
Sephardi/Spanish or Italian name of Reina/Regina, thereby suggesting the
possibility of actual Sephardi/Spanish/Italian ancestry in the
not-too-distant past? I keep thinking about this issue ever since reading
the story about the Sephardi/Italian ancestry of the Charlap family name.
Perhaps it is as simple as a baby girl being born around Purim and therefore
has an association with Queen Esther. I suppose the male equivalent is just
Melech. But this doesn't have the equivalent in Sephardi/Spanish/Italian
history of "Rey/Re" for king as does Malka with Reina/Regina.

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