Re: Name Malka #general

Herbert Lazerow

David Goldman asked about the relationship between the names Malka
and Regina.

I had always supposed that those few Jewish girls bearing the name
Regina actually carried the Hebrew name Malka, and Regina was simply a
translation. Not so sure anymore, having run into several Vivians
whose Hebrew names were not Khaya. Translation may not have been a
common way of deriving the English name. Perhaps they just picked an
English name that they liked, or one that had class because of its
Latin roots.

Alexander Beider's A Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names provides
no reference >from Malka to Regina. It also does not show Manya as a
variant on Malka. It does show the name Mane as a relatively
little-used name of unknown origin, possibly a female variant of Man.

Malka is a little tricky also because there are two very similar
names with biblical sources: Mikhle, daughter of Saul and wife of
David, and Milke, daughter of Abraham's brother Haran and later wife
of Abraham's brother Nahor.


Herbert Lazerow
San Diego CA U.S.A.

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