Solomon LATTER Death in Australia Followup and communication between Australia and Scotland #general

Sandra B Landers <SandraLanders@...>

First of all I want to thank everyone who responded to my request on
June 10, 2019 in trying to find out how to obtain a Death Certificate of my
Great-uncle Solomon LATTER who died in New South Wales on 28 Nov 1917 and a
photo of his headstone which I now have. I have personally thanked each
and everyone who took the time to search for me.

I especially want to publicly thank Rodney ELSFELDER for searching beyond my
initial request.

He found out that the Australian Government had a 13 page file on Solomon
LATTER online at NAA.Gov.AU, explaining why my great-uncle was in Australia
while his family was back in Glasgow, Scotland. These documents state that
he went to Australia to live for health reasons because the climate in
Scotland was not good for him. In 1915 he was attempting to become a
naturalized citizen of Australia and was denied because he couldn't prove
how he got to England without a passport or visa when he left Russia. He
died two years later and today I received his Death Certificate stating that
he died in the Sydney Hospital >from Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Tuberculous
Meningitis. He was buried the same day he died.

Now, I would like to know how long it took for this devastating news to
reach his family back in Glasgow and by what means of communication was
used at that time?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Tamarac, Florida, USA

Researching: KHAIT/KYTE/CHAIT, Lithuania, TAYLOR, Glasgow, Scotland,
Poland, Glasgow,Scotland
LATTER, Glasgow, Scotland

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