Living Relatives of Anna KATZ (born HONIG-WILDER) #general

Joyce Eastman

I have been researching Anna KATZ, who is a likely sibling of my paternal
grandfather Salomon Wolf WILDER. Anna KATZ was born in Brody, Poland and
was married to Nesanel KATZ (also known as Samuel/Sandor KATZ) and also born
in Brody, Poland. On the 1930 Census for Kings County, NY they are shown
as living at 133 E. 94th Street, Brooklyn, NY. With their children:
Bertha, Clara (Chaje), and Rose (Rozie). Other children noted on the 1925
Census for Kings County, Brooklyn are Bella and William. This is the same
address as noted on my uncle's "emigration declaration form" in Vienna,
Austria dated May 1938, where he states Anna KATZ is his "aunt" living in
the US. Anna KATZ was previously unknown to me as a member of my
HONIG-WILDER family, until I received a copy of this document >from IKG-Wien.
Anna and Nesanel traveled separately to the US. Nesanel arrived in 1914
with his daughter, Bella (listed as "Sandek" on the manifest according to, and Anna arrived in 1920 with 4 of their children. Since
Anna is listed as "KATZ" on the manifest it would appear that they were
already married when they traveled to the US.

Anna KATZ is buried at the Mt. Zion Cemetery, located in Maspeth, LI, NY
Date of death was November 15, 1936. Her husband, Nesanel KATZ is also
buried there. Date of death was August 12, 1938. Anna's death was reported
by her daughter, Hesie FUSFELD. I have been unable to make contact with any
FUSFELD relatives either.

Any information you can provide regarding living relatives would be most
appreciated. I have contacted those in the JGFF researching KATZ from
Brody, Poland, but have not had any positive replies as yet.

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL USA

Researching: WILDER/HONIG/HELFER/ZINKOWER: Brody, Poland/Ukraine and
Vienna, Austria; RUFEISEN: Biala/Sucha/Zywiec/Szare, Poland, Israel, Germany
and Brazil; SCHEIER/ROBINSOHN: Biala/Sucha, Poland and Stanislawow,
Vaj Ujhely, Hungary/Trencin, Slovakia; KATZ/WANK Brody, Poland and Brooklyn,

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