Possible descendancy from R' Chaim of Volozhin #general

Yonatan Ben-Ari

I am trying to confirm a scribbled note which my great uncle wrote
that his wife was a descendant of R' Chaim of Volozhin. I have
searched various published trees of his family and have not found a
connection. This of course does prove that there wasn't a connection
as I know that many rabbinical trees do not include children who did
not become well known Rabbi. This was told to me by a member of the
SOLOVEITCHIK family which incidently are also connected to R' Chaim.

The details of my family are as follows:

My great great grandmother, Sarah Hinde KANTOR, the presumed
descendant, came to Jerusalem in the 1870s as a widow with 4 orphans.
Her deceased husband Shlomo was a Chazzan in Pinsk/Karlin.. Possibly
the most well known ofthe 4 was R' Chaim Dov KANTOR who lived in
Moshava Mayer Shfeya near Zichron Yacov and was the masgiach of the
yekev (winery) there.

Supposedly Sarah Hinde (or her mother) was an orphan at the time of
her wedding and R' Itzaleh, R' Chaim's son, took her to the chuppa
(canopy instead of her late parents. In an unconfirm note there
appears the name LANDAU which is very interesting as Itzaleh had a
daughter who was married to a R' Shmuel LANDAU and they both died at
an early age leaving at least one little daughter. I was contacted by
a descendant of this daughter many years ago butcouldn't find a
connection to them. I was thinking that possibly the above LANDAUs
may have had other children who do not appear in published trees of
this family.

Another theory may be that we are connected to a little known son of
R' Chaim, Yoseph who married a woman >from Shershev. He does not appear
in most published trees, possibly because he, or more probably his
son, became a chassid, which was not "politically correct" in those

I have checked with descendants of the above Chaim Dov but they are
not aware of a family connection to the Volozhin family except a
possibility that he may have been named for R' Chaim of Volozhin.

Anyone have any toughts or comments on the above?


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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