Re: Same person listed on two passenger manifests within ten days #general

Alan Greenberg

It is relatively common to have two cousins with the same name and
age and occupations often run in the family. It is also known to have
someone travel under a relative's name.

In this case, the first Mendel was flagged as "admitted" so he did
make the trip. Note that the two are going to join different people.
The first a cousin < Back in New York, and the second, a
brother-in-law David Rosenthal in Worcester, Mass. He does have a X
in the left column, but I don't know what that signified.

Lastly, Ancestry also shows the 2nd Mendel as being detained.

Alan Greenberg
Montreal, Canada

At 23/07/2019 09:23 AM, Yaakov Dovid Saxon wrote:
In researching my ggrandmother's family, the Taitelbaum's and
Berzhansky's, I came across something quite strange: two passenger
manifests, both listing a Mendel Bersansky, both 34 years old,
married, shoemakers, >from Utien (one says Zian but presumably a
spelling mistake). Both records are >from November 1904:

One sailed >from Hamburg, Nov 5th - 16th. - line 9 in manifest

The other sailed >from Rotterdam, Nov 11th - 25th. - line 2 in manifest

The dates (seemingly) make it impossible for it to be the same person
on both boats.

On the other hand, it seems incredibly improbable that there were two
people with such exact same stats, and in fact I can only find records
of one such person, a Mendel Berzhansky, shoemaker, son of Ezra, born
1871, >from Utien/Utena.

I wonder if anyone has run into something like this before and/or
has any ideas.

I have a somewhat fanciful idea, that perhaps Mendel bought two
different tickets, and then someone else, perhaps his cousin's
husband, my gggrandfather Max Teitelbaum, travelled under his name.
Perhaps evading the draft or something similar.

I've also considered the possibility that it was the same person, and
he was rejected the first time, and "snuck back into another line",
but that also seems improbably, as the ship ought to have records of
who was supposed to be on. Also, on the earlier manifest, next to his
name is stamped "admitted", so I assume that means he wasn't rejected.

Can anybody think of a better idea? Is my idea of someone else
traveling under Mendel's name plausible?
MODERATOR NOTE: An X in the left column of a passenger manifest indicated
that the passenger was detained. See the wonderful JewishGen InfoFile, "Manifest

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