Re: Same person listed on two passenger manifests within ten days #general


The most plausible explanation is that two persons traveled under the same
name. Determining who was the "real one" and who was the "fake" is a
different story.

Since Alan Greenberg discovered that the first Mendel was admitted and the
second one was detained (was a reason listed? Is it know what happened to
him later?) the easiest assumption is that the first Mendel was the "real
one". Given the fact that the Russo-Japanese was in full swing by the late
1904, the second Mendel could well be someone else, e.g. 22 y.o., trying to
evade the draft and detained because he looked too young for his documents.
The real wild guess is that the first Mendel - for whatever reason - stood
vividly in memory of the immigration clerk who was surprised to see the same
name only 10 days later.

But these are all guesses. Researching both, the New York and the Worcester
families *may* shed light.

Boris Feldblyum
Potomac, MD

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