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Phyllis Kramer

Bev Rayburn asked: Any ideas what the town name in Poland would be for
this phonetic spelling: Rafalowee

Bev: Yours is not an easy if you have additional information it would
help. i couldnt find any town on the community pages (which are 6500 towns
in eastern europe which had Jewish residents and institutions) so i
looked on the gazetteer which covers all the towns...these are three possiblities:
Rafalow 76.1 miles SSE of Warszawa ..5112/2153 near ciepielow and lipsko
Rafalow 129.0 miles WSW of Warszawa 5136/1809...near grabow
Rafalow 77.4 miles WSW of Warszawa ...5156/1915 near Parzeczew and zgierze

there's also a Rafalov in Belarus today.5145/3010.. the area was Russian-poland in
the past, Minsk Gubernya
There's also a Rafalivka, Ukraine which was in Poland between the world wars.
5122/2552. this town had a Jewish population and there is a communities page for it
...but the jews called it Rafalefke [Yid] its less likely

In the JewishGen Poland Database, i queried towns "starting" with rafalo and found
4 records registered in Rafalovka, Lutsk uezd province....also brest-litovsk...Also
found two Kupers applying for emergency passports >from this town

let me suggest that you go to JRI-Poland...on the search page there is a surname
finder...put in your surnames and see where the groupings are...and if any match
one of the four locales above.

you might also search the surnames, using say 25 miles >from the coordinates of the
three towns listed above.

Keep in mind: 1- the year of your clue of Rafalowee...(that poland was not on the
map >from 1770sthru 1918 when it was reconstructed by the allies)...2-that W and V
were changeable over the years, depending on the language..3-that the town names in
yiddish were often different >from the town names that the governments used....
4-that F and B were sometimes confused during transliterations of the name >from one
language to another...these clues might help focus your search.

Happy Hunting
Phyllis Kramer, NYC & Palm Beach Gardens
Director, Education,

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