Re: Ashkenazi Naming Conventions - Double Names #general

Judith Singer

Hi - there is a JewishGen InfoFile at
GivenNames/ which contains a good introduction to Ashkenazi naming conventions.
Slide 7, Naming Traditions, will probably be particularly helpful to you.

With respect to your specific question, and bearing in mind that we are discussing
traditions and not hard and fast religious rules, a son would be named after his
two grandfathers only if he was the first son born after both grandfathers had
died. If only one grandfather had died at the time a son was born, the son would
likely receive that grandfather's name, but almost never the name of a living
grandfather. The second name would most likely be a great-grandfather or a deceased
uncle. There were also other sources of names, as slides 9 and 10 describe.

Judith Singer
searching CHARNY / ZARNOW / CHERNOFF, SORTAN /SORTMAN, and PALETS, all in Lithuania

Simon Zelman <> wrote:

I was wondering if anyone had any information about naming conventions
when a person had two names.

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