Re: Town in Poland #general

Alexander Sharon

Bev Rayburn requested:
Any ideas what the town name in Poland would be for this phonetic spelling

This is most probably Rafalowka in ex Polish Volhynia and Polesie Provinces,
currently known as Rafalivka in Ukraine. JGFF database has 74 hits for this place
with 38 researchers.

Rafalowka had 1,054 Jewish residents in 1879 and 556 in 1921 located within the
colony and the shtetl proper. Total number of Jewish residents within Rafalowka
commune (gmina) was 1,491.

Nearby village Olizarka was unique since Jewish population of this place
constituted 98% of the total number of residents. Similar large proportion of the
Jewish residents was in another neighbouring town Zoludsk.

Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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