Same person? Naftali Herz ASHKENAZI #general

Dovie Gelerinter

I have come across the name Naftali Herz ASHKENAZI twice in my tree
and they, theoretically, based on the time, family, and location,
could be the same person, but I can't find any confirmation or common
information about them. But I just have this feeling that they are.
But, feelings don't help when you want accuracy,right? :)

1) I have Yaakov Hirsch (1645-1667), son of Feige daughter of Avroham
Yehoshua BABAD (1596-1693). Yaakov had a daughter Chaya who married
Naftali Herz ASHKENAZI (d.1713). I see a a handful of children and
other descendants of theirs.

2) I have Feige KAHANA-SHAPIRA, wife of Aharon Shmuel KAHANA-SHAPIRA
(1690-1756) mother of Natan Neta KAHANA-SHAPIRA. She was the daughter
of Naftali Herz ASHKENAZI. I don't have any more information
(b/d/spouse) on him on that line.

None of the children I see record for the Naftali in the first one are
a FEeige or anything close.

Does anyone know enough about this family to help me definitively
confirm that these are or aren't the same person?

Thank you,

-Dovie Gelerinter

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