WEISSMAN family from Kolomea (Austria) now Ukraine #general

Rod MacNeil

Everyone: My great-grandmother, Marjem Chaje WEISSMAN, was born in Kolomea,
Austria in 1878. She had a large family with my great-grandfather, Osias
WEISSMAN; and lived in the nearby village of Czortowiec (now Chortovets,
Ukraine). Three of their young children, including my grandfather, came to
the United States prior to WWI. The remainder of this family did not immigrate
and were killed in the Holocaust.

Marjem Chaje's WEISSMAN siblings, Moses (Morris), Samuel, Rose and Zachary
David, and her mother (Pessie KERKER) also immigrated to New York in the first
decade of the 20th century. All are buried in the Kolomear-2 Society in Mount
Zion Cemetery Queens.

I would like to make contact with any WEISSMAN decendents of my
great-grandmother's siblings. Please respond to my privately off the list.


Rod MacNeil

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