Re: Where was Okenin, Austria? #general

Phyllis Kramer

Donna Lester asked: Has anyone ever heard of Okenin, Austria?
Any information would be appreciated, as well as how to search for
vital records >from there.

Donna...I couldnt find the town in our community pages, which have
towns with significant Jewish population and/or institutions around
1900...but I did find one possibility in our gazetteer. Since you said
Austria...I looked for a town in either Poland or Ukraine today, as
most Jews lived in the Austrian province of Galicia in those days, and
that area was absorbed into both Poland and Ukraine after World War I.

Using the Gazetteer, and the DM Soundex, I found about 20 towns named Okonin...
but the only Galician town I found was Okonin 5003/2133, south of
Warsaw, 3 miles >from Ropczyce in the Rzeszow district of Galicia
I noted on's town locator, that this town's Jewish
center was Ropczyce and that should tell us that is where the records
for this small town are located.

Try searching for your surname around Ropczyce (5003/2137) on
JewishGen's Poland country database,
Jewish Records Indexing-Poland and

Good luck with your search

Phyllis Kramer, New York City, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
Director, Education, JewishGen Inc:
Researching (all Galicia) ...KRAMER, BEIM >from Jasienica Rosielna
...SCHEINER, KANDEL >from Strzyzow & Dubiecko
...LINDNER, EICHEL >from Rohatyn, Burstyn ...STECHER, TRACHMAN from
Nowy Zmigrod, Dukla

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