Looking for Belarus ELKIN \ ELKIND Searchers #general


Hi All,

Looking for the above who might have a female named "Siva Rina (Sylvia)" in
their tree.

There's greater likelihood the family name for which I'm looking ended with
the "d" as her son spelled it that way on a U.S. Soc. Sec. application.

Siva Rina was likely born between 1860 & 1870 in or near Borizov (Barysaw)
or Minsk, Belarus.

Siva Rina was married to a Mordechai LIPKIND & is thought to have had
between 8 and 10 children. Only 2 of the children emigrated to the U.S.
The rest appear to have been lost, either in pogroms or in the Holocaust.

There are a large number of ELKIND Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem, but I
couldn't connect any of them to "mine".

There are a number of ELKIN \ ELKIND searchers in the JGFF, so I thought
I'd start this way.


Shel Bercovich
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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