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Dovie Gelerinter

All, based on the replies I'm getting, it is apparent that my request
was not clear. I will try again.

I know that Jewish law allows uncles and nieces to marry and does not
allow aunts and nephews to marry. I wasn't asking if this union was
permitted. I was specifically asking about it since it seemed
impossible to me for this to happen. I'm wondering if anyone has
specific information about this family that would shed light on the

Perhaps the aunt was only a stepsister. Perhaps the son was adopted.
Perhaps the information is wrong. I don't know.

This all happened in the 1300s and I'm not sure of locale, so not even
sure where to start looking for actual documents.

Dovie Gelerinter

On 8 Aug 2019 Dovie Gelerinter <> wrote:
I was tracing my line and ended up at the same place, two different
ways and was scratching my head over how. I finally took a step back
and figured out that I have a nephew and aunt marrying each other.

Matityahu and Marianne ASHKENAZI-TREVES, based on my info (and Geni
seems to confirm) had two daughters: Miriam and Vergentlin. Miriam
married Shmuel SHAPIRA. They had a son Shlomo. Shlomo married

Does this make sense? Can anyone verify that they know about this from
elsewhere? If so, fine, I can move on. seems to imply this is
the case as well. It just strikes me as odd so I wanted to call it out
and ask if anyone has any information one way or the other regarding

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