Seeking information about Solinka #general

Vicki Schulkin <vickischulkin@...>

I am interested in learning more about my family in Solinka, a village in
Southeastern Poland, on the Slovak border, that was in Austria-Hungary before
WW I. I know quite a bit already - a cousin in Czechoslovakia found references
to the family in Solinka a registry in the Sanok archives >from about 1931.
One small branch is represented by pages of testimony in Yad Vashem. My
great-grandfather was listed in the Polish Business Directory for 1929, and
his death was noted in 1938.

This was a lot more than I ever expected to find, and I'm looking for advice
on where else I might look, either within JewishGen databases, or elsewhere.
I'm particularly interested in where I might find earlier records. I'd also
be interested in finding general information about the the village - such as
what the Jewish population was at various times, and the population as a
whole, and what businesses there might have been.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Vicki Schulkin

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