researching maternal grandparents Simon and Fannie Ellman from Odessa #general

Steve Nissenson

Hi all, I am new to this site, but have been working on this tree for
3 years and still come up with a dead end at this point. They were
first cousins, and married in Odessa and came here in 1905 and settled
in Chicago.Her maiden name was Masonzjnic. I sadly have no older
generations to ask about this, and cannot seem to find any more
information. Does anyone have an idea to research further? I am very
curious to get to the point that I see that they were first cousins.
I did not have this trouble on my father's side....he was born in
Petrokov, Poland in 1911 and I was able to go back further in time.
Thank you, Steve Nissenson, Pacifica, CA

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