Need gravestone photographs in Brooklyn and Queens #general

Misti Layne

Need photographs of tombstones in Brooklyn and Queens, NYC

I'm requesting assistance in getting photographs of some tombstones. They

1. Anna Tirschwell, Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York, plot: Cemetery
3, post 239, row 2, grave #38

2. Morris Tirschwell, same as above, grave #37

3. Jacob Orenstein and possibly Hanna but no record of her, Mount Hebron
Cemetery, Flushing, Queens, New York, Society:
submitsearch=search#results, Location: Block 13, Ref 14, Sec H/I, Line 1,
Grave 4

Would appreciate anyone who could get these. Please feel free to reach out
to me directly.

Misti Layne,, San Francisco

MODERATOR NOTE: Please contact Misti before going to the cemetery in order
to avoid duplication of effort.

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