Offering Photos / Research at Mount Zion Cemetery, Maspeth , New York #general

A. E. Jordan

I am going to be heading back to Mt Zion Cemetery in Maspeth, Queens,
New York and am willing to take photos for people.

I am happy to look for graves and take photos provided you can ID the
appropriate person. Mount Zion has a database where you can start with
your research but be aware while the year is always correct, their
database defaults to the first day ofthe month when a date is not
specified or the first day of the year when a month is not specified.
So if they did not have complete data when they were entering the person
into the database you might see the date as the first or it as January 1
when your research says a different date >from the death certificate or
such. Also a lot of times the date differs >from the death certificate
because the database mostly has date of burial not date of death.

I am pretty good at finding my way around in Mount Zion but some spots
can allude even the best searcher. But still I try. Infants, babies and
children are the most difficult because a lot of times they did not have
as significant stones and they do not survive the years. Some areas of
Zion also unfortunately do not have maps.

Please be specific in your requests because I can not help you if you
write with a common name and say can you find for example Harry Cohen
.... you can guess how many there are in this cemetery. Mount Zion
Cemetery has more than 210,000 burials on its 78 acres.

If you know it is a child's grave please identify it as such when you
contact me.

I do appreciate but do not demand a few dollars in return to help offset
the cost of doing these search for everyone and to make it possible for
me to continue to offer this as a service to the community. As you can
understand the costs of these repeated searches add up on me.

I am also happy to offer advice online if you email me. As I said I have
been through Mount Zion enough to know what's possible and also some
tricks on how to locate people in the database.

Allan Jordan

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