looking for information on how to do a one name studied - name shevakh #general

Moshe Schaeffer

I would like to start a one-name studied based on my
great-great-grandfathers lasted name before he changed it when he
entered the USA. I am looking for guidance on how to go about doing
this any advice or direction would be of great help. This is my
starting point.

I found that my great grandfather came >from "the Peski town-dweller of
the Volkovysk district Zelman-Leiba ben Kivel [in the record Kivelev]
Shevakh 28 years old married to Kovno town-dweller Mina or Mina-Gena
bat Movsha [in the record Movshovna] Shuval 25 years old. The record
was registered in Kovno on the 19 of June 1897." This information came
from the Lithuanian State Historical Archives. I am very interested in
one story that my father used to say and that I heard >from someone
else with this same last name that there is a tradition that the
family came >from Spain directly to Poland. This name is not a typical
Ashkenazi last name.

I have decided to start a one-name project based on the name SHEVAKH

Thank you for your help in this matter. Have a great day.
Moshe Schaeffer

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