Re: Looking for photo of 336 E. Houston St. NYC #general

Bruce Drake

I answered Wendy Griswold privately on this, but thought it might be
useful to others here.

One way to find a specific photo by address is to go online to the New
York City Department of Records and Information Services

The city took tax photos of every building in New York ... the
limitation is that this was only done between 1939-1941. I had long
been longing for a photo that would have included the storefront of a
restaurant my grandfather had at 10 Delancey Street between 1910 and
1920 while it was still open. The Department of Records photo of it
was long past that time but at least gave me a better idea of what it
looked like in past times.

The other excellent tool, probably known to many here already, is the
New York Public Library's site. It presents you with a map
of the five boroughs with cross streets and dots to click in that take
you to what photos are available for that location.If you're working
from a street number, go to Google maps and find the nearest cross
street and then go to the NYPL map.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD


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