thanks: was: looking for photo of 336 East Houston St., NYC #general

Wendy Griswold

Wow. Overwhelming response. Alfred Holzman found it by accessing the
Municipal Archives through the Steve Morse site. I know, it wasn't
supposed to be there, but Alfred took a look. Good sleuthing! Eternal gratitude.

Several people asked if I would provide the information furnished by
other researchers on this question. Here's a list of the sources they
suggested. Apologies if there are some dups in here:

This is a long shot, but have you contacted the Museum of the City of
New York, New York Historical Society, and New York Pubic Library
about what they have in their photo repositories? You might also
check out these links:

42nd street library photo collection
Photographic views of New York City, 1870's-1970's, >from the collections of the
New York Public Library - NYPL Digital Collections
Another is

Center for Jewish History
New York Historical Society
Museum of the City of New York
Tenement Museum
New York Times
Access NYC Municipal archives through Steve Morse's website
city directories or local newspapers or radio or TV photo archives?
Look for "Collections About New York City" about halfway down the page.

You can search the address at which is a free site of old
digitized newspapers. BTW, the site began with NY papers,but has expanded to other

Sometimes a photo of a house next door may show a part of the house.

Sanborn maps. No pictures but great architectural drawings.

I believe I have thanked everyone personally. What an outpouring of kindness!

Thank you all,

Wendy Griswold
Pittsfield MA

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