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Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

I truly appreciate everyone's help.

David Rosen was kind enough to duplicate my ED search and confirmed that Great
aunt Mary was not listed as an inmate of the Home. Perhaps Aunt Lillian (who
has been dead for 30 yrs) misremembered the date she got her aunt Mary into
the Home. Was there was another home for Aged Hebrews and Mary was there
before entering the Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews? (She was buried >from the
latter - so I know she was there in 1942!)

I guess this is one of those mysteries.

In addition to my earlier email and in response to suggestions emailed me

1. My husband's aunt told me she arranged Mary's admittance to the Home aft
date of death than 3½ years later.

2. As far as I have found, she did not have a middle name or initial and I've
traced her >from her birth in Kronach until her death in Aug 1942.

3. Except for the first 3 years immediately following marriage, she lived in
the Bronx: at 650 E 182 st & 1617 Nelson ave. Her son, after his marriage in
1937, lived in the Bronx at 1387 Jesup av. All are in the same area. I can't
see her moving to Manhattan when she was old and sick and alone.

I doubt if Mery is "my Mary" as W 111 st is in Manhattan, not the Bronx.
Also, the enumerator said she lived in same place in 1935. **But**, in 1935
"my Mary" lived in the Bronx w/her husband who died in Dec 1936.
In addition, she is listed as being born in NY when she was born in Germany.

**Again, my gratitude to all who tried to find her.**

Barbara Mannlein

On Sun, Aug 25, 2019 at 3:02 PM Barbara S Mannlein wrote:
I need help locating Mary Mannlein ROTHSCHILD in the 1940 census.

Widowed and too ill to work, she lived in the Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews
in Manhattan.

Born 1878, in Bavaria, she died in 1942. Her death cert indicates the home was
at 121 West 105th Street.

I've searched:
both FS and A,
both Manhattan and Bronx,
using wild cards,
under both maiden and married name
using Steve Morse's ED finder (31-983) Maybe I'm not using it correctly?

The FindAGrave entry was made by me.


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