Re: Passenger Lists -- Reverse Travel Directions? #galicia

Barbara Ellman

Madeleine Isenberg asked about determining when an ancestor returned
to Europe. As there are no records of those leaving the US in the US,
I was able to determine the departure year for my great-grandmother
using her returning manifest.

In 1897, the manifest for her return voyage had a column "Whether ever
before in the United State, and if so, when and where". In the case
of my great-grandmother, 7 years and NY was entered. Knowing when she
had originally arrived in NY, I could determine that she had been out
of NY for 3 years and had left the US in 1894.

As manifests were not standardized until 1906, this column may not
appear on all manifests, but if may be on the one of your relative
arriving in the US on his second voyage.
Barbara Ellman
Secaucus NJ

Researching ELLMAN, COIRA in Minkovtsy, Ukraine
KAGLE, FASS in Ulanow, Poland
HASSMAN, SONENTHALER, DAUERMAN and several others in Drohobycz &
Boryslaw, Uklraine

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