GRUNBAUM/GRYNBAUM, Abram 1924-1945, Sosnowiec, Poland/Buchenwald #general

H Michael McTeer <mcteer@...>

Not quite sure how to do this. Tried searching the message files just to
make sure I had not posted previously but could not get through.

Sometime ago >from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, I received a file
for above individual in my search for GRYNBAUM/LENCZNER relatives. Could
not make a connection with this individual. It did contain one page that
included my cousin who survived the war and came to the US. My cousin
and Abram were of the same age. I checked the Yad Vashem site to see if
he was included in their db but could find no entry.

So I post now in case someone is looking for this individual. According
to the records, Abram GRUNBAUM was born 12.5.24 (12 May 1924),
Sososnowiec, Poland. The only parental data I could find were a couple
of documents giving his 'vater' as Berek G. I could find no listing of a
mother. He lived on Marktstr ##, Sosnowiec. He had two prisoner numbers:
AU 177269 and BU 124907. Could not read (understand) all the documents
but apparently he had just been transferred to Buchenwald where he died
at "9 30" 22.3.1945 (22 Mar 1945) of "Pneumonic".

Abram GRUNBAUM did live. Abram GRUNBAUM died in a Nazi concentration
camp. Abram GRUNBAUM was a victim of the Nazis.

If this is someone you have been looking for, please contact me
privately. Not sure if I should provide the documentation or the
applicable reference numbers for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Michael McTeer, mcteer@... Crowley, TX USA

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