Origin of name LEDINA #general

Janet Lachman

I'm looking for information on the surname LEDINA.

My husband's mother was named Lillian Ledina. She was the daughter of
Haskel (Harry) and Szyla (Celia) Ledina. They emigrated >from Praga,
Warsaw, to the U.S. in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

I have found one person named David Lydynia (with diacritical marks on
the y's), who I believe was a Holocaust victim. I assume that this is
the name as it was spelled in Poland, and that this individual is a
relative, though I don't know what the relationship is. Other than
this person, the name doesn't seem to appear anywhere. Soundex
searches turn up many "Loudons", but without knowing Eastern European
languages, it isn't obvious to me how this name could transliterate to
Lydynia or Ledina. There are too many Loudon's to investigate without
any confidence that Loudon and Ledina are the same name.

According to the family, Celia was born Syzla Zachala; her father was
named Abraham and her mother was named Rebecca. We know nothing about
them, and that name also returns few matches, and no clusters in any
one locale. The family also believes that Abraham died when Szyla was
very young, and was adopted by Rebecca's second husband, a man named

DNA matches suggest that my husband has roots in Ukraine and/or
Galicia, and these would likely be on his mother's side because his
father's ancestors had long lived in the Czestochowa region of Poland.
I am speculating that the Ledinas were relatively recent arrivals in
Poland, perhaps >from Ukraine, and would appreciate any suggestions for
figuring out where the Ledinas came from.

Janet L. Lachman

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