Pikholz brick walls #general

Steve Pickoltz

I've hit 3 brick walls, which I need help in solving.

I have a Israel PICKHOLTZ, born at the Slone maternity hospital in
NYC. That took place on May 21, 1893. On the birth cert # 18810, it
list the parents as (no first name) PICKHOLTZ and Lena PICKHOLTZ
(age 24).

I have a death cert # 20801, for Israel PIKHOLZ, age 14 days who died
June 3, 1893 at the Hebrew Sheltering Arms, in NYC. The parents are
listed as Jokiel (something like that) PIKHOLZ and Maria PIKHOLZ.

He is supposed to be buried in the Mokom Sholom Cemetery, Ozone Park,
Queens, New York.

This is the ONLY info I have on this boy or family.

1---I would like to find out the correct names of his parents, including
last name;
2---Any info about there arrival or whereabouts prior to the birth;
3---What became of them after Israel's death.

Any help would be appreciated in answering the 3 questions.

Steve Pickholtz
Tabernacle, NJ

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