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Michael McTeer

Have not seen this posted. Good news/bad news, FamlySearch does have St.
Louis, Missouri marriage indexes and license registers online. Bad news
is that they are not searchable. (They have a number of microfilm
collections on line that are awaiting indexing.)

It does involve a rather laborious two step process. Collection is
divided into separate male/female indexes and license registers. In some
indexes only bride or groom are included. Some indexes are further
divided by two-year ranges. So one index may cover six years, but one
has to check three times within that index for a hit (of course does not
include surname spelling variants). The goal is to acquire the year and
license number.

Once a possible record (year/license number) is found, then one must
open another collection for the year/license number to locate the
correct registration entry/page. Remember this is just the registry and
not the actual document. Unless the subject was a 'minor', there is no
parental data.  If a 'minor' (depending on time, that could be up to age
21), the person/relationship giving permission is included. For brides,
"Miss" and "Mrs" are used to denote martial status. For previously
married women, maiden name is *not* included. (So if you are searching for
a previously married female relative, then you have to search her
married surname and not maiden name in the indexes.) Information
includes, names of bride and groom, date license issued and return >from
clergy performing ceremony.

Having a ton of St. Louis relatives, this collection has been very
useful for me in finding surnames of wives or first names of husbands or
otherwise aiding in confirming relationships or providing leads to
further search.

If anyone knows of a quicker process, I certainly would like to know. I
have spent *hours* (probably days) searching through the collection.

If previously noted, I apologize for repeat.

Michael McTeer, mcteer@...

Marriage records of St. Louis and St. Louis Co., 1806-1965

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