Offering NYC Municipal Archives Assistance #general

A. E. Jordan

Hi all. I am getting back to the offering document retrievals and
lookups at the NYC Municipal Archives and the NY Public Library as
well as probate courts, name changes, naturalization, etc.

I will be at the NYC Municipal Archives briefly next Wednesday, Sept
25, if anyone needs anything..

I have a sort of specific routine where I either read and email people
notes >from certificates they wanted to review or I buy the printouts on
your behalf. This is especially important with the marriage license
files which I believe are not available via the LDS.

I ask you to identify the certificates >from the various indexes or I
will try and help with an index search. Please no generic questions
like Hersch married Simca could you send me details -- that's an
involved search that requires lots of time.

The Municipal Archives only has

Births thought 1909
Marriage certificates through 1937
Marriage licenses though 1949
Deaths through 1948

Births and deaths after those dates are at the Health Department and
because of the privacy rules I can not help you. Any marriage after
1949 but over 50 years old however is available at the marriage bureau
and those I can help with.

The Archives charges $11 per printout and I ask you to reimburse me
those fees plus the postage and while not mandatory I do appreciate a
few dollars to help with the expense of doing this for everyone.
Unfortunately the personal expenses add up over time to offer this.

I can also check the Manhattan probate and NY Supreme Court
naturalizations in the same building. At the NY Public Library in
addition to the databases they have th 1890 Police Census, city
directories and phone books and a massive newspaper collection plus
lots more.

I am also happy to response to any questions for advice or challenges
with New York City records.

Allan Jordan

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