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Some 50 years ago my Aunt told me about my Maternal Family Tree (based around
Swansea in South Wales) and which included a Jewish Ancestor. At the time my wife
and first born daughter were more important so I soon forgot all the details.

I have been researching our Tree since 2006, and in particular searching for this
"Jewish connection" without success, and had decided that my Aunt was probably
wrong. However my recent Ancestry DNA test now confirms a 1% Jewish ancestry.
Can you suggest any web based databases covering South Wales and Cornwall that
could help me in my research. My Family Tree is on Ancestry and can be viewed on

If you can get hold of copies, the following are possibly good background readng.
A few names occur, but only in examples of events. E.g., in mentioning the baptism
in 1842 of what may have been the children of the last Jewish family in Truro,
their father's name is noted.

Keith Pearce (Editor), Helen P. Fry (Editor), "The Lost Jews of
Cornwall: >from the Middle Ages to the Nineteenth Century"

Bernard Susser, "The Jews of South-West England: The Rise and Decline
of Their Medieval and Modern Communities" shows copies available for delivery to the UK at £17 and £23
respectively - higher than my budget, but I have access to a University library
that had copies when I was looking for similar information on behalf of a friend.

By the way, be a little cautious if you find the name Levi/Levy (as my friend did).
It may be an English Surname - see
Some of the examples on the webpage are given in Reaney & Wilson. "A Dictionary of
English Surnames". Reaney and Wilson end their paragraph on the name Leavey and
variants with a comment that modern occurrances of Levi are usually the Hebrew

Cecilia Nyleve

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