Symbol on Letter #general

Ralph Baer

I have posted a letter in German written using the Hebrew alphabet on viewmate.
I am only interested in learning if there is a significance to the symbol to
the left of the signature of my great-great-grandmother Babette (looks like Babed)
Klein .

I have no need of a translation of the letter because I also have a transcription
in the German script of about 1900 by her youngest child, my great-grandfather
Nathan Baer, which I have no trouble reading.

As stated in the first sentence, Babette had just learned >from her family that she
had been promised in marriage to the recipient, my great-great-grandfather Lazarus
Baer. Nathan states with his transcription that his parents had not yet met. The
letter is not dated, but Nathan dates it as 1821. They did not marry until 1832.

Thanks to anyone who can help.
Ralph N. Baer
Washington, DC

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