Gittle (Abramowitz) -Russia-New Haven, Ct. 19th cent. #general

Yonatan Ben-Ari

My great great grandmother Gittle Abramowitz came to New Haven from
Russia (or Palestine) during the during the third quarter of the 19th cent.

According to my mother's autobiography (which may not be exact)
Gittle came to the states as a widow with 4 young children during the
third quarter of the 19th cent.. She supposedly remarried either in
England or the states . She owned (with her husband?) a jewelry (or
related) store. At some point she sold the property to Yale Univ.

As to the family name of her second husband there are several
versions. One is that his name was Lazaroff and he was British.
Interestingly, there is a Lazaroff Jewelry store in New Haven but they
are not aware of the above story. Another possibility is that she was
married to a Friedman or Friedberg also probably an englishman.

Is there anyway to confirm any of the above details?

TIA and a Shana Tova to you.
Yoni Ben-Ari.

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