Searching for family GOLUB in Vilejka, Vilna #general

Angela Lehrer

I'd like some help >from Jewishgenners regarding research into my family who came
from a district of Lithuania called Vilejka in the mid 19th Century.
My grandfather (Aryeh) Leib GOLUB b. 1842 was recorded as being registered in
Lebedevo, Vilejka in 1879 and 1882. The family had moved to Minsk by then as the
births of both my grandfather Tuvia GOLUB b.1879 and his brothers are registered in

All the census/Revision list records for the town are in the Lithuanian State
Archives according to Miriam Weiner's Routes to Routes Foundation. Some of them
have been acquired by Jewishgen and are in the process of being translated and
uploaded. However I'm particularly interested in the census for 1874 which is not
in the inventory of the Belarus SIG of Jewishgen.

I'd like to hear >from anyone currently searching or has experience in the
Lithuanian State Archives for Revision lists >from 1850 onwards for the Vilejka
district. Should I write directly to the archives or hire a researcher and what
is other folks experience in getting records?

Many thanks for any help you can give

Angela Lehrer

MODERATOR: Recommendations of researchers should be sent directly to Angela.
Information of general interest pertaining to the Lithuanian or Belarus archives
can be submitted to the JewishGen Discussion Group.

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