Oppenheim surname #general

Roberta Berman

I traced my Oppenheim line back to my gr-grandfather Yitchak Oppenheim, born in
Brest-Litovsk in the early 1800s. YDNA testing on that line closely matches
others >from Majorca. FTDNA Family Finder has a 3-5 cousin match with my
immediate family and me with someone who knows that his family is >from Majorca.

My origin map on FTDNA shows roots in Spain, the Mediterranean, Turkey and
Eastern Europe.

So it seems there is the possibility that the Oppenheim line goes back to
Majorca. Oppenheim is not a Sephardic name, so at some point this unknown
ancestral family's surname would have been changed. So my question is, what
are the possibilities of where the name change to Oppenheim might have

All the best,
Roberta Berman

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