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Daniel Wagner <Cpwagner@...>

Just a short note regarding...
A JRI-Poland Case Study (or 'What a weekend that was!')
I thought I must write about the incredible success some researchers
have just had by using the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
(JRI-Poland) web search system on JewishGen.
This is indeed an incredible success. But please note that the
pleasure derived >from the story stems almost only >from identifying
names, dates and so-far unknown connections between perfect
strangers!! I am saying this because sometimes people who are not
genealogists (but also people who ARE genealogists) tell you: "it is
not adding dates and names to my tree that I am interested in, but
rather the stories behind these...". Michael Tobias has just proved
that it is perfectly legitimate and plain fun to research and find
connections on a tree, enjoy the efficiency of a search engine, and
connect so-far unrelated people!!


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