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From: Howard J. Fink@KODAK on 08/27/98 07:45 AM

To: jri-pl@...
Subject: Tarnow Shtetl CO-OP Announcement

Jewish Record Indexing (JRI)-Poland has great news for those who are
researching family >from Tarnow! The first submission of data >from records
transcribed by volunteers at the Goldman Center in Israel (Dorot) has been
entered and made available online through the JRI-PL website.

This first submission to the JRI-PL online database covers the Birth
records >from mid 1863 through the end of 1870, and includes over 3000
records, which are the entire contents of LDS film #0948421. Since this is
a group of records for which there is NO index, all of the data was
entered. The database contains the COMPLETE extract for each individual.
Because there is no index, the only other way to currently find this
information is by examining each record on the film, written in old script.

The fields in these records include: names of child, parents, midwife,
witness, gender, date and post number of registration (AKT) and remarks.
The remarks, many of which were added later (some as late as the 1930's)
include such things as place of birth outside of Tarnow, date of death,
name changes, adoptive parents, religious conversions, and in some cases
Polish Archive reference numbers. When searching through the JRI-PL website
you will be rewarded with matches on surnames in the midwife, witness and
remarks fields in addition to matches on the child's surname; this is an
incredible tool!

As always, these entries should be used as references, which you should
verify on your own, as some errors may have crept in during transcription
and data entry.

Thanks to the Goldman Center and all of the Tarnow Shtetl volunteers who
performed data entry for this database: Judy Deutchman, David Itzkowic, Pat
Jortner, Calvin & Barbara Kitay, Henry Kornhauser, Shimon Neubort, Phil
Rose, Yaakov Schmidt, Len Schneider, Glen Strauss and Michael Trapunsky.
Extra thanks are due to Shmuel Kehati who not only performed entry of
several sections, but also secured many additional extracts >from the
Goldman Center that will keep us busy for quite some time. Anyone who would
like to help with these efforts please email me at the address below. We
now have similar records to be entered covering Births, Deaths and
Marriages >from earlier dates in the 1800's.

Howard Fink
Tarnow Shtetl Coordinator

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