Restitution in Poland #poland

Serge Rozenblum <Serge_Rozenblum@...>

Once again I am asking the same questions. I have received some responses=

right now asking me a lot of money . I was in Poland last year and I
know of things are working there but may be a good willing person can
help me.

I have read about the restitution of public property in Poland (as
cemetery). The cynical text point out that public office will be given
back to local jewish institution. Is this law running now? If not what
is the exact planning?
If it positive, what about small towns where there are not anymore any
jewish presence (as Grodzisk Maz around 20 km south of Warsaw)?

Last question but I don't expect answer. What are the terms & conditions
to set up in Poland a non profit association?

Many thanks,
Serge Rozenblum, Paris, France

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