JRI-Poland now a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. #poland

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

The Board of Jewish Records Indexing - Poland is pleased to announce
several developments that will make it even easier for you to continue to
provide the financial support that -- along with the work of many of you
in Shtetl CO-OPs -- has marked an exciting year for the growth of our

First, Jewish Records Indexing-Poland, Inc. has been granted
tax-exempt status as a 501 (c)(3) organization. Effective immediately,
contributions by U.S. citizens are now tax deductible in the U.S.

Second, to help facilitate contributions, JRI-Poland is also pleased
to advise that Visa credit card facilities are now available. We are
particulary pleased to offer this convenience to JRI-Poland supporters
from around the world who do not have ready access to U.S. Dollar
accounts or facilities.

As we draw close to Rosh Hashana and are reminded to look back
on the past year, many of us can look back on our last year of research
with great satisfaction. If searches on JRI-Poland's database have
played a role in the research successes you have had, this is a good
time to make a financial contribution to help us get more records into
our databases and bring about more successes for you and hundreds
of other researchers.

As we continue to add Shtetl CO-Ops and to index more records under
the PSA Project, your contribution will help JRI-Poland's database grow.

Make your contribution today! Of course, you may still mail a check.
But if you choose to use your Visa card, here's how:

1. Print the Visa form on the JRI-Poland web site at
<A HREF="www.jewishgen.org/jri-">http://www.jewishgen.org/jri-pl
2. Telephone your contribution to Treasurer, Sheila Salo at the number
below. (Only between the hours of 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern
Daylight/Standard Time, please.)
3. Print out and mail/fax the form below. Please scroll down.

Posted by the Board of Jewish Records Indexing-Poland
Judy Baston
Stanley Diamond
Barbara Khait
Hadassah Lipsius
Stuart Richler
Michael Richman
Vladimir Rozenbaum
Sheila Salo
Michael Tobias
Steven Zedeck

Contribution form
For security reasons, JRI-Poland does not accept Visa credit card
contributions over the Internet. Please fax, mail or telephone your
contributions to:

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
c/o Sheila Salo, Treasurer
5607 Greenleaf Rd.
Cheverly, MD 20785
Telephone / Fax: (301) 341-1261

For Mail or Fax contributions, please complete all sections of this form.

Name as it appears on Visa Credit Card _________________________
Visa Card Number___________________________________
Expiration Date_________
(Note: this form is for Visa credit cards ONLY)

Contribution in US$________________


Street and House Number______________________________
Apartment or Flat Number____________________________
Zip/Postal Code_________________________
Home Phone____________________________

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3)
organization. Contributions to Jewish Records Indexing =96 Poland
are tax-deductible in the U.S. to the extent permitted by law.

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