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On 24 Aug Nancy Greenberg asked:

<<Secondly, my question pertains to a list of deporations or names of
those exterminated in Treblinka. I am well aware that the Nazis razed
Treblinka upon advance of the Russian army, but what did the Nazis do
with their records? I have consistently been told that no lists exist
for Treblinka, and I cannot understand this as records do exist for
other death camps. >>

Subsequent answers pointed out that records were not kept at the death camps.

In my translation efforts of the Yizkor book for Wolkowysk I find that the
problem can be approached >from the other end. If you know where your relatives
were when they were sent to Treblinka, there may be information in the yizkor
book of that place. An all-too frequent notation in the Wolkowysk book is "...
and his entire family perished in Treblinka." This is much the same process
you would use if an immigration record cannot be found in New York, try the
emigration record >from the port of embarkation.

<<I have reached so many dead-ends in my endeavor to seek closure on what
happened to my family, and have been unsuccessful. (When in Israel, I
did place their names in the Hall of Names at Yad Vashem.) >>

Occasionally, together with a note about being sent to Treblinka, there might
be a note that "... son escaped to Russia and eventually found his way to
Israel." We can always hope!

By the way, I hope you recorded pages of testimony only for the members of the
family for whom you had actual information on their death date and place.

Good luck in your research.
Robert Weiss in Palo Alto

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