Re: Klimontow film now available! #poland

Stanley Diamond

In a message dated 11/10/98 9:05:29 PM EST,

Dear Jewishgenners,

The Klimontow Shtetl CO-OP Team is proud to inform that film #
809,130 is already available on the Internet. This film covers
the Birth, Marriage and Death records >from 1840 to 1853.

Many thanks to all those who made this indexing possible.

Flavio D. Baran
Klimontow Shtetl CO-OP Coordinator
Dear Flavio:

Congratulations and thanks >from the entire Jewish Records Indexing -
Poland family. Not only is it exciting to have this addition to our
database, but it it is particularly heartwarming to have a contribution
from the South American continent. You help to make this the truly
international project JRI-Poland has become.

Stanley Diamond
Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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