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Stanley Diamond

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Does any one have information about the towns Kalakova and Glushadlo
(phonetic spellings. They should be located near Ostrow Maz and Wskova,
Poland, but I cannot find them on the National Geographic or the Polish
Government tourist maps.

I would be interested in any information regarding location of families
that may have lived there in the 1870's -1890's

Glushadlo is certainly Dlugosiodlo 20 km west of Ostrow Mazowieck
and 20 km northeast of Wyzkow (you referred to it as Wskova).
The towns form a triangle with Dlugosiodlo in the middle.

There are references to Dlugosiodlo in the Ostrow Maz.Yizkor Book
as there was a strong relationship between the families of the towns.
Dlugosiodlo families also had close ties to those of Wyszkow.

Off hand, I would say Kalakova could be Komorowo (6 km NW of
Ostrow Maz.) or perhaps Goworowo (27 km WNW of Ostrow Maz.)
Perhaps someone else with an interest in this area (as I have) may
recognize other possibilities.

Suggestion to all:
To improve the opportunities for more detailed research of the areas
in which your family lived, we recommend the purchase an atlas
with a large scale. An atlas with a 1:300 000 scale is available >from
Avotaynu Publishing (1-800-Avotaynu).

There are no surviving 19th century vital records for either town.
Because of my special interest in these towns for my genetic research
project, I have detailed information on the surviving 20th century

Dlugosiodlo: 1922-1935 deaths and marriages; 1922-1938 births.
Some births registrations are for events that took place many years
before, in some cases as early as 1884! (Note, Miriam Weiner's
Jewish Roots in Poland incorrectly indicates the years 1910-1935)

Goworowo: Birth, Marriage and Death records are available at the
Civil Records Office for the years 1917, 1920, 1922, 1923,
1925-1929, 1931-1936. (Once more, the actual years available
differ >from what is stated in Jewish Roots in Poland.)

Note, in the case of both towns, there was a flurry of birth registrations
between 1934 and 1936 which accounted for more than half of the
total number of births recorded for all years.

Stanley Diamond
Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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