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<<Does any one have information about the towns Kalakova and Glushadlo
(phonetic spellings. They should be located near Ostrow Maz and Wskova,
Poland, but I cannot find them on the National Geographic or the Polish
Government tourist maps.
Perhaps it would help to verify their location, via the ShetlSeek link on the web site. I just was amazed (yesterday) to put in a town's
spelling there, as my cousin and other relatives knew it--- and find out its
phonetic equivalent (using the Daitch-Mokotoff soundex code) made it much
closer to the other side of the family, therefore likely as their ancestral
town, and a town with different spelling that I knew all along!

Also, in Washington DC, you have handy to you the Map Division of the Library
of Congress. That excellent division helped Sally Amdur Sack with two other
helpful sources: "Where Once We Walked" and the "Where Once We Walked
Companion," two books published by Avotaynu that focuses on towns, lists exact
coordinates, and cites other books mentioning those referenced towns.

Some of these ideas may be leads, good luck!

Milton Goldsamt
also Silver Spring, MD

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